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1/10 EP 4WD KB10W MAD WAGON VE Color Type1 34701T1

No: 34701T1
Jan: 4548565413164
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  • Description

    Exhilarating 75km/h speed
    New generation 1/10 Monster Truck

    The Monster Truck, otherwise referred to as the ‘Basher’ category, has grown in popularity over many generations. With a pickup truck body mounted on a tough chassis and large diameter tires, monster trucks including R/C model versions, are built to go anywhere from the badlands to stadium courses. Now the Mad Wagon VE puts a unique style on a brute R/C machine! The completely new KB10 4WD chassis design is compatible with 3S (11.1V) high-power lithium polymer (LiPo) batteries and features a newly developed brushless motor and speed controller as standard. Delivering an optimal balance of high-speed and power, the aluminum main chassis of the KB10 combines front/rear blocks incorporating a split frame and double wishbone suspension to drive the all-terrain 2.8” wheels and tires. As the tire size is compatible with standard wheels, you can vary specifications to suit the type of road surface and conditions. In addition, drivetrain parts are comparable to the 1/8 scale Inferno NEO ST 3.0 parts, providing more than enough capacity for a 1/10 scale machine. The original 1980’s style van body design is produced in ‘Ultra Scale’ realism. While the body included in the kit is pre-painted, you could create your own custom body coloring design with a clear body as well as elevating the realism with the optional LED light unit (No.97054-4B). The Mad Wagon VE is packaged as a pre-assembled Readyset and requires only batteries for the chassis and charger to get up and running. A wide range of optional parts are available to expand and extend your enjoyment of the R/C car hobby.
    ● Readyset includes pre-assembled chassis, painted body, and RC system with pistol grip Syncro KT-231P + transmitter
    ●Features powerful brushless motor unit that reaches a maximum speed of 75km/h. RC system is also pre-installed
    ●Includes original design wagon-type body. There are two color variations, and a clear body is also available as an option.
    ● Newly designed chassis incorporates a shaft-type 4WD with a proven double wishbone suspension to deliver exceptional driving performance.
    ●Fully equipped with (22) ball bearings as standard specification for superior drive efficiency.
    ● Equipped with lightweight resin telescopic universal shafts on all four wheels to reduce drive loss and prevent drive shaft drop outs in contact.
    ●Kit includes newly designed 2.8 inch tires and wheels. Standard specification 1/10 scale 2.8 inch tires and wheels can also be installed
    ● A wide range of gear ratios can be selected by changing the standard gears included in the kit. This also supports on-road driving
    ●Rear of the machine is fitted with wheelie bar that prevents the truck from flipping from sudden acceleration
    ● Motor battery, charger, and 4 x AA batteries for transmitter are sold separately.

    Aluminum main chassis combines with the superior pitch rigidity of the vertical resin frame to create a high-strength structure that delivers optimal balance of high rigidity and suppleness.
    Based on 1980’s era van styling, this newly designed body is made from durable polycarbonate and finished with paint scheme and decals applied. A separately molded grille and light parts enhance the realism of this “Ultra Scale Body”.
    Includes newly developed TORX 10L brushless motor. With 38mm diameter and long 68mm specifications, the motor produces 2850Kv (rotations per volt) and efficiently converts power from the 3S LiPo battery into speed and torque.
    Equipped with BRAINZ 10+ waterproof ESC (speed controller) that boasts 80A capacity. Top mounted cooling fan manages heat generation to reduce power loss even with extended running times.
    Features the KS5031-91MW servo with 9kg / cm of torque and all-metal gears, promises reliable steering control.
    Features battery holder suitable for mounting 3S LiPo battery. By offsetting the left side mount of the battery, left-right weight balance can be set to the driver’s preference.Also compatible with 2S LiPo battery.
    Newly designed oil shocks on front and rear suspension deliver smooth shock absorber function. Change suspension settings by installing optional springs to suit a wide range of running conditions and surfaces.
    Features the 4-bevel differential gear from the Inferno NEO ST 3.0 1/8 scale buggy. With more than enough capacity to handle the high-power drive unit, the design also allows easy diff gear replacement for superior maintenance efficiency.
    Newly designed slipper clutch effectively protects the drive system from excessive power loads. Aluminum shoe delivers optimal slip characteristics and improved acceleration.

    Technical Data

    ■Length 472mm
    ■Width 350mm
    ■Height 198mm
    ■Wheelbase 295mm
    ■Tread F/R 278mm
    ■Tires(F & R) φ128 x 70mm
    ■Gear Ratio 15.22:1
    ■Weight 3,610g (approx.)
    ■Motor TORX10L Brushless Motor kv2850

    Kit Content

    ●Factory assembled chassis complete with control linkages
    ●Pre-cut and painted body complete with decals applied
    ●2.4GHz Syncro KT-231P+ transmitter
    ●1.5mm/2.0mm/2.5mm L shaped hex wrench
    ●Cross wrench
    ●4/5/5.5/7/10mm Integrated spanner

    Requirement to Run

    ●AA-size batteries x 4 for transmitter
    ●Battery for driving (2-3S LiPo battery *Installable battery size 143x47x30mm)
    ●Charger for LiPo battery


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