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1:10 Scale Radio Controlled .12-.15 Engine powered Touring Car Series Pure Ten GP 4WD V-ONE R4s Ⅱ KYOSHO CUP Edition 33215

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  • Description

    GP touring car optimized for rubber tire performance KYOSHO CUP compatible specifications

    For many years Kyosho has been selling the V-ONE 1/10 scale GP (engine) touring car series. From all the models in the series, the current V-ONE R4s II has earned the confidence of the R/C community for superior driving performance and reliability. Kyosho is proud to introduce the KYOSHO CUP Edition of the V-ONE R4s II, specially equipped with a range of high-performance optional parts as standard. First held in 1993, the KYOSHO CUP is a racing event sponsored by Kyosho for GP touring cars. While regulations and race formats have changed with the times, the competition structure of regional qualifying races held around the country for the honor of competing in a national final to decide the ultimate champion each year has remained consistent. The V-ONE R4s II KYOSHO CUP Edition is the perfect model kit to compete in the KYOSHO CUP. Based on the standard V-ONE R4s II, the KYOSHO CUP Edition features upgraded carbon front and rear shock stays, radio plate and belt tensioner plate. In addition, the brake rotor and main shaft have been elevated to the optional lightweight versions. Shock springs are included to optimize performance with rubber tires, making this model ready and willing to race in the KYOSHO CUP straight out of the box. Performance can be elevated even further and custom setting adjustments made with the wide range of optional parts for the existing V-ONE R4s II and V-ONE R4 Evo. This machine is not only perfect for mounting a campaign in the KYOSHO CUP but will also exceed expectations for scale touring car performance with rubber tires.

    • Based on the proven V-ONE R4s II chassis, various optional parts have been included as standard. Not only is this kit ‘race-ready’, but it also provides great value compared to purchasing the included parts separately.
    • Designed for rear exhaust engines, also popular in racing. The power unit of the basic set is suitable for the OS MAX-12TG engine used in the KYOSHO CUP.
    • Carbon front and rear shock stays, radio plate, and belt tensioner plate are equipped as standard features.
    • Uses Kyosho’s proven and reliable belt-type 4WD system that demonstrates stable maneuverability for racing, even on low-grip road surfaces.
    • Fully adjustable front and rear suspension is formidable in the heat of racing battle. Optional springs with different spring rates are also available.
    • Geared front and rear differential units provide excellent durability and can be adjusted by changing the type of oil.
    • Compatible with both spare and optional parts for the V-ONE R4 Evo.2. Easy setting and adjustment are possible to suit different race conditions.

    Features special lightened aluminum main chassis for the R4s II. Superior cornering performance demonstrates the optimal balance of flex and rigidity for rubber tire handling.
    Equipped with same carbon shock stays (Right side) as the competition-level V-ONE R4 Evo.2. Delivers increased rigidity and crash resistance as well as expanded setting range with various mounting points.
    Short type oil shocks, which are common in modern racing touring cars, contribute to a lower center of gravity. Big bore shock specifications with a large inner cylinder diameter provide ample capacity. Springs for rubber tires are included as standard.
    Shares the same carbon radio plate as the V-ONE R4 Evo.2. Lighter than the conventional FRP material in the R4s II, the radio plate has excellent flex characteristics and works in combination with the aluminum main chassis to deliver improved tire contact with the ground.
    Includes carbon belt tensioner plate that takes load while driving, which was previously only available as an optional upgrade. Lightweight and rigid, it effectively suppresses vibration while the belt is moving.
    Resin front bumper features a split upper and lower structure. The floor of the lower bumper is designed like a diffuser while the upper part is designed for aerodynamic performance to deliver effective downforce.
    Inheriting the separate centrifugal clutch from the R4s II, no adjustment is required. Optional clutch shoes and springs are available to tailor clutch feel to suit specific road surface conditions and driver preferences.
    The receiver is stored inside the same fully covered radio box as the Evo.2. This prevents fuel and dirt from contaminating the receiver and provides protection in the event of a crash.

    Technical Data

    ■Length 368mm
    ■Width 200mm
    ■Height 105mm
    ■Wheelbase 258mm
    ■Tread (F/R) 174mm/170mm
    ■Tires (F/R) sold separately
    ■Gear Ratio First gear 8.13: 1 Second speed 5.6: 1
    ■Weight 1,680g (approx.)
    ■Engine 12-15 Class (sold separately)

    Kit Content

    ●Unassembled chassis kit
    ●Steering servo horn compatible with major brand R/C systems
    ●1.5mm・2.0mm・2..5mm・5.0mm L-shape hex wrench
    ●Cross wrench (small)

    Requirement to Run

    ●2ch-3ch R/C car transmitter
    ●Servos x 2
    ●Batteries for transmitter
    ●Batteries for receiver (flat pack)
    ●12-15 class engine with rear exiting exhaust
    ●Glow fuel (for R/C models)
    ●Engine starting equipment (starter box, fuel bottle, plug heater)
    ●Paint for car body
    ●Rubber tire
    ●Tire inner
    ●Silicon oil for diff
    ●Silicon oil for Shock


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