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MINI-Z Racer MR-03EVO SP Chassis Set Red Limited (W-MM 8500KV) 32792SP

No: 32792SP
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  • Description

    Limited color version MR-03EVO Chassis Set installed with the popular SP spec parts!
    The existing MINI-Z has a installed receiver, servo and ESC in 1 controlled PCB unit. But the new MR-03EVO Chassis Set uses a separate receiver. By purchasing and installing a receiver unit depending on your transmitter, it allows for Kyosho (EX-6R/KT-531P), KO Propo (EX-2/EX-RR), Futaba (T7PX/T7XC/T4PM), and Flysky (Noble NB4) transmitters to be used. Further, by installing new CPU which control servo function only, it improves internal feedback of positioning control which is 11.2 times faster than the previous VE PRO models. The newly developed control program realizes the best ever steering feeling in MINI-Z history. The ESC also improves the response speed a maximum of 100 times faster than existing VE PRO models. The included KYOSHO SPEED HOUSE XSPEED 85 (8500KV) brushless motor features a one-piece aluminum case that provides efficient heat dissipation for superior cooling. Unlike previous chassis sets, you can also change to brushed motor mode using the I.C.S manager to install an optional brushed motor. (82083 I.C.S. Cable required. Sold separately.) The I.C.S manager also allows more precise setting adjustments to be made. New advanced performance features in the MR-03EVO take the MINI-Z racing experience to the next level! The SP edition is equipped with nickel plated hex screws, SP chassis, and an oil shock (MZW432) as standard. Also, the ball diff is specially finished with red anodizing. Furthermore, new upper arms with various caster angles (1 deg./2 deg./3 deg.) are included allowing wider setting range. The Red Limited version features red plastic parts throughout the chassis that are nicely coodinated with the red anodized motor and ball diff.
    • First MINI-Z MR-03 Chassis Set that adopts separate ESC and receiver design.
    • Includes new KYOSHO SPEED HOUSE XSPEED 85 brushless motor (8500KV).
    • I.C.S manager features detailed steering and throttle parameter adjustment, as well as switching between brushless and brushed modes.
    • Powered by independent CPUs for ESC and receiver, increased internal processing speed contributes to precision steering and throttle control.
    • Equipped with ball bearings and red anodized Ball Diff Set II.
    • Newly designed separate receiver cover and front upper arm mount make tread adjustment easier.
    • Compatible with optional parts for the MR-03 chassis.
    • Including newly developed front upper arms with caster angles (1 deg., 2 deg. and 3 deg.)
    • Special version equipped with a colored chassis and parts, which is only available in this chassis set.


    Based on the MR-03VE PRO chassis, newly designed front upper arms with different caster angles and front upper arm mount make tread adjustment and fine tuning easier.


    Receiver units currently available are for KYOSHO, KO, FUTABA, and FlySky Noble transmitters and can be attached/detached by removing receiver cover from the upper chassis.


    KYOSHO SPEED HOUSE XSPEED 85 brushless motor (8500KV) features a one-piece aluminum case that provides efficient heat dissipation.


    Equipped with special red anodized Ball Diff Set II that reduces weight of aluminum parts on the spur gear side and optimizes balance on the hub side. This is a must-have item and is used often in competition-level racing.

    Full ball bearing specifications minimize drive loss and increase speed.

    Technical Data

    ■Length 123.5mm
    ■Width 70-76mm
    ■Height 35mm
    ■Wheelbase 98.0mm(LL)
    ■Tread F:61.5-63.0mm/R:61.5-63.0mm
    ■Motor Mount MM
    ■Tires F: φ25×8.5mm (sold separately)/R: φ25×8.5-11mm (sold separately)
    ■Gear Ratio 7.3, 6.3, 5.5, 4.9:1
    ■Weight 135g (approx.)
    ■Motor KYOSHO SPEED HOUSE / XSPEED 85 (8500KV)

    Kit Content

    <Kit Contents>
    ●MR-03EVO-W-MM Factory assembled chassis with KYOSHO SPEED HOUSE XSPEED 85 8500KV brushless motor
    ●Parts set for changing front tread
    ●6T・7T・8T・9T Pinion gears
    ●Wheel wrench
    ●Tools for pinion gears
    ●Spare wheel nuts

    Requirement to Run

    <Required for Operation>
    ●Receiver unit
    ●Transmitter compatible with receiver unit
    ●Auto Scale Collection body (body set, wheels, tires)
    ●AAA x 4 alkaline batteries or Ni-MH batteries for chassis
    ●Batteries for transmitter


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