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Futaba 4PM (TX) & Receiver Unit Set 82050US

No: 82050US
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  • Description

    Special transmitter set includes Futaba 4PM transmitter and an receiver unit 

    This Futaba 4PM transmitter and receiver unit set can be used with the separate receiver specifications of the MR-03EVO and MA-030EVO. Previous MINI-Z versions were equipped with an integrated receiver, servo and speed controller unit, however the MA-030EVO separates the receiver so other transmitter-receiver combinations can be used. This set includes two receiver units and the popular mid-range Futaba 4PM transmitter, which has upgradable software and a light balanced feel that’s easy to use for long periods without becoming fatigued. ‘MINI-Z EVO’ vertical logo on the backlit LCD when the power is turned ON/OFF are only available in the premium 4PM transmitter included in this set. Installing the receiver units is easy

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