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  • 1:8 Scale Radio Controlled .21Engine Powered 4WD Racing Buggy readyset INFERNO MP10 Color Type 1 Red 33025T1

1:8 Scale Radio Controlled .21Engine Powered 4WD Racing Buggy readyset INFERNO MP10 Color Type 1 Red 33025T1

No: 33025T1
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  • Description

    Experience top-end performance
    With the convenience of a Readyset!


    With its unrivalled record of success including eight World Championship victories, the Kyosho Inferno series is synonymous with 1/8 scale GP buggy racing. Making its debut in 2023, the latest MP10 TKI3 delivers speed in its purest form. The Readyset specifications feature a comprehensive upgrade from the MP9 base to the new MP10. Increased thickness of the rear shock stays for greater strength and rigidity absorb shocks from the road surface. Oil shocks feature precision aluminum cases and work beautifully with the same shock springs used in the latest MP10 TKI3. The Readyset includes body with the same specifications as the MP10 TKI2 that delivers exceptional stability, however as this machine is compatible with all existing Inferno bodies, running characteristics can be changed with different bodies. The KE21SP engine fitted with recoil pull starter for easy starting comes with a break-in ring that makes it easier to break-in the engine in the early stages of use, and is ideal for circuit racing. Equipped with similar polished muffler and manifold as pure racing models, you can enjoy the sweet exhaust note as you rip around the track. The pre-installed R/C system in the Readyset features a new high-torque steering servo to handle the punishment of hard off-road driving with great control. Although packaged as a Readyset for entry-level users, the MP10 has the potential to compete at the highest level in the hands of expert drivers.

    ●Pre-assembled Inferno MP10 Readyset of the 1/8 scale buggy boasts an unrivalled big race record including World Championship victories.
    ●Includes everything except transmitter/receiver batteries and engine starting tool. Enjoy driving straight "out of the box".
    ●Proven shaft type 4WD delivers exceptional speed and reliability with the exceptional traction stability of 4WD. 
    ●Equipped with KE21SP engine fitted with recoil starter so even beginners can easily start the engine.
    ●Large-capacity air cleaner extends the engine maintenance cycle and reduces the frequency of air cleaner replacement.
    ●Equipped with the same 3-piece type clutch as racing models.
    ●Forward mounting of heavy objects optimizes front-to-rear weight balance to realize more direct maneuverability for superior driving control.
    ●Includes Inferno MP10 TKI2 body with excellent aerodynamics that delivers superior stability through high speed corners.
    ●Features new high-torque servo that greatly improves steering and throttle feel.
    ●Includes 2.4GHz KT-331P pistol-grip transmitter with LCD screen for various setting adjustments.
    ●Newly developed springs for the long diaphragm front and rear oil shocks deliver reliable consistency.
    ●Wide range of suspension settings are possible with bushes used for suspension shaft mounts.
    ●Enjoy tuning up your machine with a wide variety of optional Inferno parts.


    World-beating Inferno MP10 series DNA runs rich through this fully-assembled chassis to deliver an optimal balance of competition-level performance and sports driving.


    Oil shocks with metal shock bodies are equipped as standard and deliver precision with reliable consistency. Includes the same specification coil springs developed for the 2022 GP Buggy World Championship.


    Rear shock stay thickness increased to 5mm and works in combination with the existing 5mm metal front shock stay to provide robust crash resistance and high rigidity for maximum performance from shocks and springs.


    Equipped with the 3.5cc KE21SP engine featuring the same rear exiting exhaust as racing engines. This engine produces awesome power and is easy for anyone to start.


    The engine features polished muffler and manifold similar to competition-level models and is fitted with a recoil starter that kicks into life with a simple pull on the starter cord.


    Same shape body as the Inferno MP10 TKI2 is finished and mounted on the MP10. Advanced aerodynamics contribute to improved rear grip and outstanding stability even through high-speed corners.


    Comprehensive low center of gravity design is built for off-road performance but also excels on a wide range of surfaces from rough roads to race circuits. Further tuning and upgrading to advanced models is also possible.


    Newly developed high-torque steering servo optimal for heavy 1/8 GP buggies is pre-installed and adjusted on the chassis. The receiver is equipped with a fail-safe function in the event of frequency interruption.


    K-Blox tires are pre-glued to the wheels and included as standard to deliver exceptional grip on dirt as well as asphalt surfaces such as parking lots.

    Technical Data

    ■Length 490mm
    ■Width 307mm
    ■Height 180mm
    ■Ground Clearance 28mm
    ■Wheelbase 325mm (4 settings available by changing rear hub collar position)
    ■Tread (F/R) 254mm (2 front settings and 3 rear settings available by changing bushes)
    ■Tire (F/R) φ116 x 44mm
    ■Gear Ratio 11.7:1
    ■Weight 3,370g approx.
    ■Engine KE21SP (recoil starter installed/rear exhaust)

    Kit Content

    ●Factory assembled chassis installed with R/C system
    ●Printed pre-cut body complete with coloring
    ●Pre-installed KE21SP engine with rear exhaust
    ●Syncro KT-331P transmitter
    ●1.5, 2.0, 2.5mm Hex wrenches
    ●Cross wrench (small)
    ●17mm Wheel wrench

    Requirement to Run

    ●AA x 8 alkaline batteries for transmitter and receiver
    ●Starting tools (Fuel bottle, Plug heater)


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