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  • 1:8 Scale Radio Controlled GP Powered Racing Buggy readyset INFERNO NEO 3.0 Color type 6 Yellow 33012T6

1:8 Scale Radio Controlled GP Powered Racing Buggy readyset INFERNO NEO 3.0 Color type 6 Yellow 33012T6

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  • Description

    Beginner-friendly 1/8 scale power
    With the definitive racing buggy


    1/8 scale R/C cars are larger in comparison to most other model cars and have a truer sense of body size, weight, and speed in proportion to full-size cars. The 1/8 GP Buggy is one of the most popular categories around the world for its hard-running off-road performance. However, the GP (gas powered) models equipped with an engine, are regarded as a little more difficult for beginners to manage than the EP (electric powered) models. But the INFERNO NEO is designed so even beginners can enjoy the power and performance of a large GP buggy. In the competitive world of off-road buggy racing, the INFERNO name is legend. First released in 1991, the INFERNO won the World Championship the following year and continued winning for a total of 8 world titles. The latest competition-level INFERNO MP10 TKI3 is active in major racing events around the world to add more to the INFERNO’s bulging trophy room. As part of the INFERNO series, the INFERNO NEO 3.0 shares many of the basic design and performance characteristics. The INFERNO NEO 3.0 is packaged as a complete set including easy-start engine, finished body, and pre-assembled chassis with R/C components installed and adjusted. New body color variations add to the existing INFERNO NEO 3.0 lineup which has been enhanced with higher torque steering and throttle servos that improve the precision of steering response even through hard cornering. Similarly, the throttle delivers sharper engine response and increased braking power. The set includes a break-in ring so even those with no GP model experience can setup the engine without adjustment of the needle. The INFERNO NEO 3.0 is packed with potential so you can challenge the competition around racing circuits or just enjoy running wild and free through the outdoors.

    ●Readyset includes pre-assembled chassis installed with engine and R/C components as well as finished body.
    ●Chassis belongs to the Inferno series with its unrivalled record of racing success including world championship titles. 
    ●Shaft-driven 4WD system delivers high traction performance even on low-grip road surfaces.
    ●3-differential system with front, rear and center drive units, produces exceptional drive stability.
    ●Front wheels equipped with universal swing shafts that efficiently transfer power with excellent reliability.
    ●Double disc brake delivers reliable braking power.
    ●Equipped with KE21SP engine fitted with recoil starter for easy starting. Break-in ring is also included.
    ●Pre-cut and new color printed body with race model aerodynamics is included.
    ●Includes easy-to-use pistol-grip Syncro KT-231P+ transmitter.
    ●Receiver features a fail-safe function in case of radio signal interference.
    ●New KS5071-09MW servos incorporating metal gears produce high torque for superior responsiveness even in hard driving.


    As part of the INFERNO series, the NEO 3.0 shares the INFERNO’s legacy of racing success including multiple world championship titles. Chassis is pre-assembled with engine and R/C components already installed.


    Set includes printed and cut racing body with excellent aerodynamic performance that exhibits easy handling characteristics.


    KE21SP engine is equipped as standard. Linear output delivers excellent stability and the recoil starter kicks the engine to life with a pull on the lever.


    Big bore (large diameter) shock absorbers combine with variable hardness (spring rate) of the coil springs to soak up large shocks during hard driving over rough surfaces.


    Includes newly developed KS5071-09MW servos incorporating durable metal gears to deliver exceptional reliability under heavy loads and improved torque compared to conventional servos.


    Sensitive electronics such as the receiver are encased inside a sealed radio box that protects them from dirt and dust. Radio box also incorporates battery holder.


    Double wishbone suspension with turnbuckle rods for easy toe and camber adjustment are included as standard. Settings are optimized at time of shipment, but these can be adjusted to suit different conditions.


    Includes long life KC Cross Tires that provide surefooted grip on both off-road as well as on-road. Tires are pre-glued to spoke wheels that elevate scale appearance compared to racing dish-type wheels.


    2.4GHz Syncro KT-231P+ transmitter allows dial adjustment of throttle trim, steering trim, throttle EPA, and steering dual rate.

    Technical Data

    ■Length 469mm
    ■Width 307mm
    ■Height 189mm
    ■Wheelbase 325.5mm
    ■Tread (F/R) 258mm/261mm
    ■Tire (F/R) φ116×44mm/φ116×44mm
    ■Gear Ratio 11.56:1
    ■Weight 3,400g (approx.)
    ■Engine KE21SP
    ■Transmitter 2.4GHz Syncro KT-231P+

    Kit Content

    ●Factory assembled chassis complete with control linkages
    ●Finished body complete with printed color scheme
    ●2.4GHz Syncro KT-231P+ transmitter
    ●1.5、2.0、2.5、3.0mm L shaped hex wrenches
    ●Cross wrench
    ●17mm wheel wrench

    Requirement to Run

    ●Glow fuel
    ●8 x AA size alkaline batteries for transmitter and receiver
    ●Engine starting tools (fuel bottle, plug heater)


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